Fast-track your way to funding and partnerships

We connect early-stage biotech startups and university spinouts with R&D partners and other supporters

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We give you access to the hidden information that can help you succeed

We understand that it's not just the science that matters, but it's also how you communicate it. We know that working your way through networks and events can be a long and slow process.

Therefore, we've built a service to bring you the right information, connect you with the right people and give you a head start.

Be confident that you're heading in the right direction

We will connect you to the right resources - partners, funding organisations, and investors - and the right information to fast-track your progress

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We support early-stage therapeutics and vaccines

In the early stages, getting the resources to move your project or company forward can make or break your chances.

Sources of support are fragmented, and it's not always easy to find that support within your own networks. This is why Probacure exists, to point you in the right direction and fast-track your progress.

Set yourself up for success

The sooner you get started, the quicker you can move forward. Even if you're at a really early-stage, with our help you can have a network of partners and backers to keep you on track and support you when you're ready for it.

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Work with an experienced team

We've been helping life sciences organizations to understand their markets and create value for more than 7 years. Our team holds PhDs and MBAs, and combine scientific know-how with business expertise from across healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry.

How we connect you to partners:

  • 1

    We help you define your value proposition to partners

  • 2

    We rapidly identify partners that can help you move forward

  • 3

    We will keep you aware of your competitive advantage and show you how to attract partners with it

  • 4

    We will build a network of partners and backers who can provide you with feedback, advice and resources


Get started with no risk

You can get started now by having a free call with us. Then, we can look at risk sharing options to bring you partnership opportunities with no upfront costs.